Download Brochure Spray Water Control Valve


Heat efficiency lose: due to the drop of throttle steam temperature caused by spray valve leakage, heat efficiency will be affected and extra heat will be needed for the boiler to keep the throttle steam temperature at the set point.

Temperature control: poor control of the steam temperature may also affect the high pressure steam pipe and turbine.

When the pressure is higher than 12.4Mpa(1800psi), each temperature change of 19-22℃(30-40℉) would lead to 1% heat efficiency change.

Higher maintenance cost: frequent replacement and maintenance will be needed due to the plug erosion damage.

Main Parameter:

Nominal diameter: 3/4-6

Nominal pressure: ANSI 150Lb ~ 4500Lb

Body type: straight-through way type, angle type

Operation temperature: 150~450

Flow characteristics: equal percentage

Actuator: electric or pneumatic actuator

Leakage: meet ANSI B16. 104 V leakage(VI level seal is available)