Download Brochure Y Type Globe Valve


Excellent packing system:

Carlock inside: using carlock high temperature resistant packing to ensure the best sealing effect and lubricating performance which operated easily in a safe environment.

Satellite cobalt-based hard alloy disc:

The sealing surface of the disc surfacing hard alloy or using intergral hard alloy as the disc which has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. Capability of wear and erosion resistance prolonged the service life.

Up and down guiding ring on the disc:

The cavity guided disc has a up and down guiding rings. The top and the bottom of the discs guide direction at the same time which composes the piston type disc of the body cavity guiding to eliminate valve seizing., surface abrasion, disc vibration and so on during the whole process. The bottom guiding ring of the disc make the fluid to pass it by way of closing to a straight line for eliminating the valve breakdown caused by the side impact effectively.

With best CV valve:

The structure of gradient stem and the best shape design of the flow passage provide the fluid passed through by way of closing to a straight line which is high cv value and low loss of pressure head.

Sealing surface with special overlaying welding:

Hard alloy is overlaying welded on the sealing surface of the valve body which making the valve body to have more compact structure. Conical sealing surface desigh provides endurable and reliable tith sealing by using small axial force only.

Replaceble trim structure:

Replaceable trim structure is optional, valve seat, disc can be replaced quickly which reducing the repair time of the valve sealing surface after it is used in the severe service condition. Meanwhile, it prolonged the integral service lift of the valve.

Main Parameter:

Nominal diameter: 3/4”~4”

Nominal pressure: ANSI 150LB ~4500LB

Applicable temperature: -23°C~+600°C

Actuator: handwheel, electric operated actuator

Leakage: zero

Type of valve body: Y type an angle of 45 degree

Valve material: A105, 12Cr1MoV, F22, F316, F91, F92

Bonnet type: standard

Flow characteristic: quick opening

Actuator: hand-operated and motor-driven actuator are available