Download Brochure Safety Shut-off Valve

Technical Specifications:

Nominal Size: DN25~300(NPS1~12)

Nominal Pressure: CLass150~900
Design Standard: EN 14382, Q/12WQ 5192
Design Temperature: -29℃~+60℃; -46℃~+60℃
Body Material: WCB, A352 LCC
Response Time: ≤0.5s (up to operating pressure and valve diameter)
Set Deviation: ±2.5%

Applicable Industries:
Gas transmission station of long distance pipeline; City gas pressure regulating station; Industrial gas pressure control system etc.

Applicable Medium:
Natural gas, non-corrosive gas

Explosion-proof and Protection class: ExdIIBT4, IP65

Product Advantages:
• Full bore structure, small pressure drop
• Easy maintenance, online replacement of parts inside valve body, less accessories
• Equipped with a pressure balance valve
• Optional remote control and remote indication of valve position
• High-precision shut-off response
• Limit velocity is less than 80m/s
• Meet SIL2 (functional and safety)