Download Brochure GT Pneumatic Actuator

Technical Date

Working Medium: dry,clean and corrosive air

Working Air Pressure: Double-acting (2~8 bar),Single-acting (4~8 bar)

Working Temperature: normal temperature:-20℃ +80℃(NBR O-ring); high temperature:-20℃ +160℃(fluorine rubber O-ring); low temperature:-40 ℃+80℃(silicon rubber O-ring)

Standard: 90°±5°   Non-Standard: 0°~180°

Double-acting: 4~10560N.m

Single-acting: 6.9~2668N.m

GT40~GT83 G1/8"

GT110~GT350 G1/4"

Construction Characteristics

-Compact double-piston gear, rack type structure, precise meshing, steady transmission, stable output torque

-Cylinder body of extrusion alumium alloy, and after anodic oxidation treatment, the surface texture is hard and highly wearing-resistant

-Same specification has double-action type and single-action type (spring reset)

-Piston&output shaft's parts may be installed with wearing resistant material support to avoid immediate contact between the metals , reducing attrition&friction

-The installment and connection dimension carry on the design and exchange with the pneumatic actuator according to the international Standard ISO 5211,DIN3337, VDI/VDE 3845

-The cylinder body, end cover, output shaft, spring, fasterner all pass through the preservative treatment

-Output shaft's erection joint hole has many kinds of shapes (four square edged hole, flat hole, shaft chain hole)

-Normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature types are available

-Single-action type spring is easy to install, to disassemble and has good security after precompression

-Better appearance, light weight, waterproof performance