Download Brochure AW Pneumatic Actuator

Standard Parameters

Air Pressure: 0.3~0.7MPa (Max: 1.0MPa)

Working Temperature:  normal temperature: -20℃ +90℃ ; high temperature: -20 ℃ +180℃ ; low temperature: -40℃ +90℃

Rotary Angle: 90±5°

Air Interface: AW13-G1/4 AW17-G3/8 AW20~AW40-G1/2

Main Characterristics of AW Pnenmatic Actuator

-AW pneumatic actuators are devided into Double-action and single-action(spring-reset),two
separate cylinders ,to meet a vatiety of types of larg equipment ,valves ande similar needs
-Large output torque, smooth and flexible motion

-Cylinder wall and piston shaft chrome-plated hardware, with good abrasion resistance
-All sliding parts wiht the availability of oil lubrication between the shaft and a guide ring in order to reduce the friction coefficient and improve extension of life

-AW pneumatic actuators' U-curve characteristics of output torque is more applicable to large diameter ball valve, butterfly valve, or similar equipment required rotation